The company has been in business since 1906 when George Hadlee and Frank Clough formed a partnership and created Hadlee & Clough plumbers, gasfitters and bell hangers.

Pictured: An early Hadlee & Clough receipt for bell repairs

George Senior’s two sons Victor and George, who after both serving in the 2nd World War, returned into the family business, Victor a Craftsman Plumber Gasfitter & Drainlayer and George a qualified Accountant. In 1946 Lloyd Williams also brought into the partnership and the company name was changed to Hadlee & Williams.

Pictured: Hadlee & Williams receipt

In 1964 at the age of 15 Ross Brunton started his apprenticeship with the company and went on to become a Craftsman Plumber & Drainlayer and eventually the foreman of the company.

Pictured: Apprenticeship contract

He left the country for a brief spell to live and work in Australia for a couple of years but returned back to New Zealand and in 1975 he brought Lloyd Williams out of his share of the business. In 1977 the Hadlee’s retired and Ross & his wife Shirley brought the company outright.

Pictured: Change over document from Hadlee and Williams to Hadlee and Brunton

In 1996 Ross’s youngest son Andrew joined the firm and subsequently qualified as a Craftsman Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer. With the introduction of directional drills in the same year Andrew has progressed into the running of the drilling operation and is one of the most experienced operators in the country.

In 2005 Ross’s eldest son David returned from overseas to join the firm after spending the past 10 years working as a consultant project manager and quantity surveyor in both Wellington and London and obtaining his Bachelor of Construction majoring in Quantity Surveying.

In 2007 in conjunction with the firm turning 100 years old David and Andrew joined Ross and Shirley to become Directors and Shareholders of the company with the ambition as the Hadlee family had done before them of seeing this local family firm successfully on its way towards another 100 years in business.

The many locations of Hadlee's

In 1906 the original workshop was situated in Wilson Street, Timaru on the site of the present DB Tavern behind Woolworths.


Their first move happened in the 1920's when they relocated to Sophia Street which is now the site of the Timaru District Library.

history3    history2

In 1946 they moved across the street next door to the old auto parts building, now the AMI Insurance building.

In 1980 Ross Brunton built a new workshop at 5 Bank Street and over the years developed a truck workshop and yard across the road.

By 1998 Hadlee’s had out grown yet another workshop and when the former IHC building which just happened to back onto the truck yard came up for sale it was the perfect opportunity to move across the road to the company’s present site at 7 Theodosia Street.


In 2011 with the company still expanding Hadlee and Brunton purchased the former Mitre 10 building at the east end of North Street with the company officially moving sites once the office block is completed.


A look back..

Old receipts

Below: Working on the Timaru Library the former site of Hadlee and Brunton
Above: Ross heading to Blenheim with the family & caravan to manage another project around the South Island in the late 70's early 80's

Above: Timaru Herald (October 2nd, 1946) George Hadlee, Senior’s, Retirement

Pictured: Restoration work on the top of Chalmers Church

Pictured: Ross Brunton & Vic Hadlee try to get closer to God at the top of Chalmers Church

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