Management & Staff

Hadlee Brunton has approximately 40 staff; 12 plumbers, 15 drainlayers and the rest are made up of specialist machine operators and support staff.

Ross Brunton

Managing Director


Qualifications: Craftsman Plumber, Registered Drainlayer

Experience: 50 years in the plumbing & drainlaying industry, 45 years in management role. Ross started his apprenticeship with Hadlee and Williams in 1964. In 1977 he bought the business and ran it for over 30 years until his sons bought into the business in 2007. Over the past 45 years he has managed nearly every major project the company has been involved with and has built the Hadlee and Brunton name into one that is trusted and renowned for high quality workmanship. He has a strong working relationship with the Local Councils and has completed many large sewer, stormwater and water projects for them over the years. He has carried out large scale work throughout the country including drilling in Whakatane, roofing and cladding works on the Blenhiem meat works, several large hotels in Queenstown with a branch of the firm based down there for over 10 years. In his 50 year career he has never walked away from a project and has always ensured that every job is completed to the highest standard.

David Brunton



Qualifications: Qualified Quantity Surveyor, Registered Drainlayer

Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), NZdipQS, Otago Cert QS/Bldg Man., Reg. Drainlayer, NZ Cert. Drainlaying, NZ Cert. Water Reticulation, Hazard ID & Risk Assessment NZQA US 17602, Work Permit NZQA US 17588, Transit - Level 1 TC, 1st Aid, Solar Water Management Cert., Class 2 Load Pilot

Experience: 35 years growing up in Hadlee & Brunton, returning full time in 2005. 2 years working for a consultancy QS firm in London, England, 4 years working for a consultancy QS firm in Wellington. David manages the major projects for the firm and is in charge of all surveying & location work on the drills. David, who has been working with directional drills for 17 years, designs & locates all the critical grade & complex shots for the company. He has travelled worldwide for drill training throughout this period.

Andrew Brunton



Qualifications: Certifying Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer, NZ Cert. Water Reticulation Level 4, Fire & Safety Training 3271 & 16683, Workplace First Aid NZWWA – PE Buttwelding & Extrusion Training, STMS, Solar Hot Water Management Cert, Class 2 Load Pilot, Bridge Engineer Self Supervision

Experience: 34 years growing up in Hadlee and Brunton beginning his apprenticeship having completed school in 1996. Specialist directional drill and trenching operator 17 years experience. Andrew has travelled all over the world for specialist training on the drills and fluid management and is one of the most experienced operators in NZ. He has overseen every major drill operation undertaken by the firm. Ross, Andrew and David jointly oversee the day to day running of the staff.

Ian Gould

Quantity Surveyor


Qualifications: Qualified Quantity Surveyor

Experience: Ian has been working with Hadlee and Brunton since 1981 originally as a consultant until he was persuaded to join the firm on a full time basis in 1994. Ian started in the QS profession in 1972, having qualified and practised under the Ministry of works for 9 years before managing his own consultancy for 13 years. Unlike most firms Hadlee and Brunton always produce a full schedule of quantities for every major job. Ian has worked with Ross for over 35 years and together their knowledge of our trade is hard to beat. Ian and David handle all the company invoicing, progress claims and variations. Ian also oversees our vehicle GPS system and manages the repeat maintenance and servicing work we have for various commercial clients and our many septic systems throughout South Canterbury.

Shane Stonehouse

Compliance Office & Draughtsman


Qualifications: Technician Certificate - Draughting, Compliance Officer – Consents and Design, Transit Site Traffic Management Supervisor, Directional Drill Locator – Trenchless Technology

Experience: Came over to the dark side in 2006 to join Hadlee & Brunton, the prior 23 years spent with the Timaru District Council – 3 years in Planning and Consents, 10 years in the drawing office, 10 years in the drainage and water unit. Shane handles all the red tape and consent issues with the local councils and Ecan. He designs all of our domestic sewer systems and handles all GPS recording and Auto CAD drawings. Shane is also one of our best drill locators. He looks after the camera inspection and service location side of he firm, specialising in Ground Penetrating Radar location work. Shane is also in charge of Hadlee and Bruntons Health & Safety and ISO management systems.

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