10 reasons why you should use drilling over trenching

10 Reasons why you should use horizontal directional drilling vs. trenching for your next project

  • Costs less, especially when there are high restoration costs
  • Easier installation in areas with limited access (under buildings, roads, railway tracks, hills, rivers, ponds, heavily-wooded areas)
  • Less impact on job site and public
  • Reduced restoration costs due to minimal impact on land, asphalt or concrete
  • Maintains a cleaner job site
  • Allows for installation of conduit and pipelines without the need for deep excavations or ground stablisation
  • Allows for installation with high ground water without the need for dewatering pumps
  • Reduced installation time, which can save time in project schedule
  • Environmentally-friendly process
  • Life cycle costing – You do not have on-going surface slumping and reinstatement costs from backfilled trenches

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