Our Drill Fleet

Herrenknecht Maxi-Rig (2014)

H+B HK175CK Screen Res 005 - 5027
Hadlee & Brunton have a custom-built 175T Maxi-rig from Herrenknecht which is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment for horizontal directional drilling in the world today.

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JT100 Mach 1 (2009)

Hadlee and Brunton own the Largest Ditchwitch Directional Drill in New Zealand.

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All Terrian AT3020 Mach 1 (2009)

This is the largest Ditchwitch All Terrain Drill in New Zealand. It is designed to drill through solid rock.

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JT2020 Mach 1 (2012)

This machine is brilliant for drill shots in private properties and in cities and towns where you are limited for space but need the power for a difficult or long shot.


JT5 (2012)

Our smallest drill measuring only 3100mm long by 900mm wide. It is ideal for drilling around or under houses, in tight backyards or even inside a building. Installs pipe up to 100mm in diameter and approx. 50m in length.

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