JT100 Mach 1 (2009)


Hadlee and Brunton own the Largest Ditchwitch Directional Drill in New Zealand.

While this drill is not the largest in the country it is one of the most versatile when paired with our MPR6000 recycling system. The advantages of this system are:

The establishment and disestablishment of the equipment is hours rather than a week or more
The amount of plant on site is greatly reduced as everything is on specialized units. The drill is compact and able to work in most urban situations without affecting the public or traffic
The rig is capable of pumping and recycling more than 2,200 litres of mud per minute which is a lot more than most other super rigs in NZ
The rig is more than capable of most pipe installations up to 1000mm in diameter

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The JT100 Mach 1 is a 100,000 pound machine capable of drill shots of over 1 kilometer long. With bore diameters of over 1000mm in diameter dependant on drill shot length and ground conditions. Unlike competitors drills our drill has its own stake down system so there is no need to pour concrete anchor blocks or drive anchor piles to set the machine up. It also has its own on board crane for loading and unloading rods.

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