Drilling Support Equipment


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Scorpian 2000HRTW Hydraulic Wrench


These tongs have a make-up of 100,000 ft-lbs and a break-out of 150,000 ft-lbs. With an O.D. range of 2-3/8” up to 30”. We use these above ground at pipe side to connect rods onto the backream. They are also used down hole and at rig side to remove tooling from the drill rods.

Crane Units

Our 54T HIAB Crane truck has 37m of reach complete with a hydraulic knuckle fly jib and hydraulic rod clamping system to easily and safely load multiple rods onto the Herrenknecht auto rod loading system.



To add or remove hundreds of metres of rod at a time to the JT100 or AT3020 it is no more than a five minute job with interchanging cassettes. The rigs can keep operating while this is being done as they hold twin cassettes that split. The JT100 has its own on board crane and along with the 54T HIAB Hadlee and Brunton have a selection of truck mounted crane units including Palfinger, HIAB and PM to choose from depending on the site requirements.


Pipe dollies and cradles



Hadlee & Brunton have over 80 heavy duty pipe dollies which have been engineered designed and fabricated to take over 2T of weight each. It means that pipe strings can be welded over a kilometre away then towed on the day of the pull back into position. With the number of units that we have It also means that the pipe is kept straight and is not bowing up and down due to a lack of suspension or support.



We also have heavy duty pipe cradles for suspending pipe over buildings and roads or when the pipe string has to go around a corner.



This equipment has been developed for the client to reduce the risk of stress or damage on the pipe and reduce the drag on the pipe above ground which can contribute to the pulling forces applied to the product.



Heavy Duty Dollies

Other Equipment

Hadlee and Brunton have a huge support fleet of over 100 vehicles and plant to call upon to assist with the drilling operation. Please refer to the website and “fleet” section for other complementary services such as Hydro Excavation, Sheet Piling, Service Location, Excavation and much more.

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