Hydro & Air Excavation

Our hydro and air excavation units use high pressure water or air to cut the ground and then vacuum the slurry or fractured spoil into the truck to cart away. Whilst the water or air cuts the ground it will not damage the services or tree roots.

Hadlee and Brunton have ten Hydro & Air Excavation Trucks and units ranging in size from as small as 600 litres to as large as 12,000 litres capacity to cover every situation.




Hadlee & Brunton’s skid-mounted FX20 vacuum excavator can fit in the back of a pickup truck or trailer. It has great suction power capable of 15.3 m3/min with a compact 568L spoils tank. This is ideal for very tight spaces or smaller jobs where a large truck or digger is not necessary.

04hydro-air-excavation 05hydro-air-excavation
Pictured: Ditchwitch FX20 Vacuum Excavator


Air excavation unit works on the same principal as the hydro units except it uses subsonic air pressure.

Air excavation means that you can dump the dry excavated material back into the hole if needed as it is dry not wet. The air excavators are especially good around high voltage lines or sub stations where the use of water is not permitted or could cause a danger.


Pictured: Air Excavation Truck Mounted Unit

We also have an Air-Spade which is also great for fracturing soil without hurting pipes, woody tree roots and cables. The air knife can be used in conjunction with any of our vacuum trucks.


Pictured: Air-Spade

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