Infrastructure & Civil (Council Mains Connections)

Council Mains and Utilities

Hadlee and Brunton have been working on council utilities for decades and have a very close and well respected relationship with local authorities throughout the South Island.

We specialise in new and replacement installations for sewer, stormwater, water, gas, power, telecommunications and firemains of any size, material, depth or location we have the expertise and the equipment to handle any situation.

Hadlee & Brunton’s methods of service installation include traditional open cut, directional drilling, pipe grinding, vibratory plough, laser guided trenching, rocksawing and sheet piling.

No job is too big or too complex.


Approved Council Contractor

Hadlee and Brunton is approved contractor for the Christchurch, Timaru, MacKenzie and Waimate District Councils. This means we are a one stop shop for all your plumbing and drainage requirements. Most other plumbing and drainage firms have to subcontract in approved contractors to carry out connection work to council utilities whereas we can handle all everything inside and outside your property boundary which means you are only dealing with one company. This includes water, sewer and stormwater connections.

Rural Water Supplies and Connections


Hadlee and Brunton have a dedicated team of tradesmen who work on the Rural Water Schemes in South Canterbury.

Whether it be installing mains with our vibratory ploughs or drills, installing pipe bridges, reserviors and tanks or working with pumps and valves we handle all aspects.

Please refer to our rural section and trenching pages to see more.

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