Pipe Bursting

To compliment our underground drilling operations, we also operate a PB30 static rope pipe burster for tight situations.

This machine is ideal for replacing existing drains and pipes that are cracked or damaged without having to trench through a person’s property.

As pipe bursting has become widely accepted as a technique for replacing water, sewer, stormwater and gas lines, the need has arisen for small footprint machines which can be operated in difficult access or restricted size locations such as sewer laterals.
Our PB30 can be quickly broken down into small manageable components for transport into manholes or difficult access locations. These are then simply reassembled in-situ and the machine is ready to burst. A special compacted wire cable is utilised rather than rods to attach to the burst head. The cable has the same capacity as a rod but with the advantage of faster deployment in the main and a higher degree of flexibility.

pipe bursting1

Pictured: Bursting a Cast Water Main under SH1

The new pipe to be installed can be supplied in coils, straight sticks or as short, screw together sections, enabling both the launch and receive pit to be as small as required.

pipe bursting2 pipe bursting3

Pictured: Replacing 150mm cast iron pipe with a 50m length of PE

We have a range of specialist burst heads for plastic, clay and iron pipes etc. to ensure the PB30 can accommodate most client requirements.


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