Hadlee and Brunton have specialized in Rural Work in South Canterbury for over the 100 years we’ve been in business. We have staff who have worked on the rural water schemes for the past 40 years and know them like the back of their hands.
Some of the many services we can offer farmers include:

  • Trough Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Rural Water Connections
  • Water Storage Tanks (Installation and Cleaning)
  • Pump Installations and Maintenance

trough cleaning and maintenance water storage tanks pump installations and maintenance

  • Septic Tank Maintenance & Cleaning (10 vacuum and jetting trucks)
  • Oasis Septic Systems
  • Servicing of Sewer Treatment Plants
  • Mole Ploughing
  • Rock Saw Trenching
  • Laser Guided Trenching
  • Pipe and Service Location (plastic, metal, clay)
  • 8 Wheel AWD 54T HIAB Crane Truck

And much much more….

septic tank maintenance cleaning truck-sm mole ploughing

Hadlee and Brunton have a large fleet of 4WD vehicles for dealing with farming work all year round no matter what the weather or ground conditions. With the addition of our 8X8 AWD 54T HIAB Crane Truck this gives farmers another solution for those difficult to access areas.

range rural maintenance vehicles rural maintenance2

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