Drain Camera Inspections

Hadlee and Brunton have a range of camera inspection equipment which takes the guess work out of most drainage problems.

T804 Trogloprobe Portable Inspection System


Rigid CS1000 Portable Inspection & Location System




  • Both camera systems are among the most advanced portable cameras on the market today.
  • Don't need power as it has they contain their own battery packs.
  • Don't require video or DVD recorder attachments they record straight to a hard drive or flash (CF) card. This information can be transferred onto computer back at the office for editing or given straight to the client.
  • Both have 60 metres of push rod.
  • Colour screens, reporting software, text writers and audio recorders.
  • High accuracy rod counters which measures the distance the camera is down the drain.
  • Able to take still photos and provide a written assessment of various problems throughout the inspection.
  • The Rigid machine also has a built in sonde and locator to identify the exact position of the problem.
  • The Troglotech has a thicker push rod to suit larger drains while the Rigid has thinner rods which enable it to go around gully traps and tighter bends.
  • They can camera pipes from 50mm to 800mm in diameter. We have specially designed centralizing cradles for larger diameter pipes.


For smaller pipes we have a selection of hand held cameras including the Rigid Hand Camera.

The Rigid hand camera and retrieval device is not only great for locating seeing blockages in household fixtures with colour images, but it has a series of attachments including a hook, magnet and mirror to retrieve items from the fitting.

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