Drain Clearing (Blocked Drains)

We are the leading drain clearing experts in South Canterbury with a full range of specialised equipment to solve any situation.

If we can't clear it, nobody can!

Sewer & Stormwater Blockages

Water Blasting / Jetting

Hadlee and Brunton have six different hydro jetting units, both truck mounted and portable, for providing a thorough clean to any size and type of drain. In conjunction with the blasting units we use state of the art jetting nozzles.


Drain Auger Machines

We have 10 various types of Rigid Drain Clearing Machines which operate by sending a rotating cable or rod down the drain. An assortment of different heads attach to the front of the cable to either retrieve the obstruction or simply cut it out of the way.




Waste Pipe Blockages

Hand Augers

These are miniature versions of our drain machines but obviously are more suited to internal household situations.


Kinetic Waste Gun

The device fires a high pressure blast of air through the waste pipe in order to clear the blockage. This is very effective clearing blockages from waste pipes such as fats.


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