Water Heating

Solar & hot water cylinder systems

Choose a water heating system that suits you! At Hadlee & Brunton we have a full range of hot water cylinder systems, including solar options. We recommend evacuated-tube as one of the most effective solar water heating systems.

Hadlee and Brunton specialises in the design and installation of solar water heating for residential households as well as commercial-sized properties. These include hotels/motels, rest homes, apartment buildings, dairy farms and even prisons.

Hot Water Cylinders

We install and service all hot water cylinder models and are agents for Rheem, one of the largest manufacturers of water heating systems in the world.

If your water pressure is low, it's not always necessary to buy a new cylinder. There's a number of options to choose from, including adding a booster pump (which even works for our old 1975 cylinder!), or replacing the header tank with a series of specialised valves. However, if your cylinder is leaking, or you're having cold showers, we have a range of low to high pressure cylinders to choose from which will sort out your hot water issues.

And remember: If you have issues with leaks, overflowing hot water or even a burst hot water cylinder, help is just a phone call away.



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