Existing Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair

Hadlee and Brunton has a fleet of 10 Super Sucker Vacuum trucks, these differ from your traditional septic tank trucks which operate vane pumps, our trucks run off the PTO or a separate gen set and are much more powerful which means they are a lot faster. All except one have water blasting facilities on board to provide a thorough clean.


Each customer is logged on our GPS system and then grouped with several other customers in the same area to be serviced that day to keep costs at a minimum.

03septic-tank-cleaning-sm 04septic-tank-cleaning-sm

Our Trucks range in size from 4,500 litre up to 12,000 litre in capacity with up to 50m of hose to cover all properties and situations.

The trucks are also capable of hydro or air excavation where we dig potholes or pits using water or air. This is especially useful when exposing services or digging around tree roots as this will not cause any damage to them.

05septic-tank-cleaning-sm 06septic-tank-cleaning

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