Irrigation, Pump Lines & Pipe Installation

With all aerated treatment units you usually have to install 13mm dripline irrigation to various depths. The length of irrigation can range from 120m to 1000m or more depending on the size of your dwelling or business and the type of ground conditions your site has.

Most competitors use mole ploughs attached to bulky diggers or tractors or even excavate in their raam which can make a real mess. We have specialized technology from America that enables us to install in house lawns and gardens with very little intrusion. We also have an excellent hand trencher which allows us to carry out installations in established gardens.

Pictured: Ditchwitch Zahn - Vibroplough


Left: Ditchwitch 100SX Walk Behind Vibratory Plough; Right: Terrasaw Chainsaw Trencher

Pictured: Ditchwitch RT55 Walk Behind Trencher

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