Ditchwitch RT115 Vibratory Mole Plough & Rock Saw




Our RT115 Vibratory Mole Plough and Rock Saw is the ultimate machine when it comes to installing water pipes, sewer & stormwater pumping mains, electrical and data cables, ducting along with fibre optic work.


Vibratory Mole Plough

rt115-mole-ploughWith our RT115 Ditchwitch Vibratory Mole Plough we are capable of cutting in pipes up to 100mm in diameter and up to 1200mm deep with very little ground disturbance. Most other contractors use bulldozers or diggers to carry out this work which rip up the ground with their tracks whilst trying to drag a blade through the ground.

The RT115 is a self-levelling rubber “skid shoe” machine which uses a vibratory plough to cut the ground as opposed to forcing open. This means that it doesn’t require the weight or traction of the conventional ploughs and it can also plough deeper than conventional ploughs. It also has an offset blade which allows for ploughing close to fences or the like.

Rock Saw

The RT115 also has a 2 metre diameter rock saw which will cut up to a 200mm slot over 1000mm deep in most rocks and gravels. As it cuts it leaves two rows of excavated material one of fines and the other of larger rocks which is perfect for backfilling. As stated with the mole plough you have very little surface damage as the machine is self-levelling on rubber “skid shoes”.

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