Plumbing & Maintainence experts!

Small Domestic plumbing work is the key focus of the company since 1906

We are also relied upon for maintenance contracts by a range of commercial clients, including shopping centres, supermarkets, hospitals, factories and large retailers.

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Directional Drilling

We have the only European Maxi Rig in New Zealand!

Hadlee and Brunton have a custom-built 200T Maxi Rig from Herrnknencht which is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment for horizontal directional drilling in the world today

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Drainage & Plumbing experts!

Drainage is one of the key services Hadlee and Brunton offer.

In fact, the harder and more difficult the drain clearing task, the better we like it! We have the biggest range of specialist drainlaying equipment in the South Island, so we're well equipped and ready to go.

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Roofing experts!

Hadlee and Brunton provide quality craftsmanship on roofing projects that few companies possess.

Hadlee and Brunton have been roofing for over 100 years, performing work that most contractors wouldn’t attempt to tackle.

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Directional Boring Specialist

Hadlee & Brunton revolutionising horizontal directional drilling and directional boring!

Our directional boring equipment is among the best in the country.

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Rural Work experts!

Hadlee & Brunton have specialized in Rural Work in South Canterbury for over the 100 years we’ve been in business.

We have staff who have worked on the rural water schemes for the past 40 years and know them like the back of their hands.

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We Offer You a Vast Portfolio of Services


Not many companies survive for over 100 years in business. The success of Hadlee & Brunton lies in the firm’s family roots. Father (Ross) and sons (David and Andrew) put their name on the line every day. Not content to be office-bound, you’ll commonly find the Bruntons on the tools in Timaru plumbing and drainlaying or somewhere in NZ directional drilling, giving their personal commitment to a quality job.


When others tell you it can't be done, it usually means they don't have the equipment or experience to do it. Whether it be in Timaru Plumbing or Directional Drilling and Boring Nationwide. Hadlee & Brunton's inventory of high-tech equipment allows them to work smarter, more quickly and often more cheaply - with less mess than competitors.


With so many cowboys about, don't hesitate. Choose a firm that can draw on 100 years of experience and has consistently maintained its reputation for top quality work. Discover Hadlee & Brunton’s range of services in plumbing, drainage, directional drilling, rural work, roofing and maintenance or read About Us.

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