TDC Contract – Pleasant Point Manhole Rehabilitation and Pipe Patching 20140819_1257441

Project Description: The township of Pleasant Point experienced high ground water levels which led to major water infiltration through the sewer network and overloading the holding ponds which caused major environmental issues. In some places water was penetrating through manholes and pipework like a high pressure hose. Hadlee & Brunton isolated all of the water infiltration to 25 manholes using a series of injection products then coated them with Ultracoat resin. Water infiltration to the pipe reticulation was prevented using their fiberglass patching system.

Value: $157,000.00


MacKays to Peka Peka, Kapiti Coast 14647234418_af0aa63b7e_1

Project Description: Installed approx. 1.8 kilometers of 300mm and 200mm gas main. The twin lines were installed four metres apart and at depths of up to 15m and on compound curved alignments. Installed 300m long 710mm OD Stormwater pipe on a critical grade of 0.3%. Installed 500m of multiple ducting clusters for communication and power services on compound curve and in parallel alignment. All installations were undertaken using the Herrenknecht maxi rig and MPR Recycling unit.

Value: $3,445,000.00


PM105 Wigram Christchurch pm105-wigram-projects-page

Project Description: Installed approx. 1kilometre of new 710mm ODEE Sewer Pressure Main alongside the Southern Motorway and AMP Showgrounds in Christchurch. Critical grade shot was completed using a Paratrak Wireline Locating System. All mud on site was recycled through our MPR6000 American Auger Fluid Reclaimer and pumped via the onboard 2,200 litre/min pump to our JT100 Ditchwitch Drill.

Value: $1,800,000.00

TEC Contract 1974, Oxford St Stormwater Realignment oxford-street-projects-page

Project Description: Installed a 710mm diameter critical grade stormwater pipe to replace a collapsed bluestone culvert approx. 6m deep. This project was a design and build, as it was extremely difficult in terms of access, alignment and grade.

Value: $250,000.00


TDC CONTRACT 1808 – Gardens Gully Sewer Renewal gardens-gully-sewer-renewal

Project Description: Installed approx. 1.5 kilometers of new PE sewer main 450mm, 355mm, 315mm and 150mm in dia through Timaru. The drains were drilled at grades of 0.36% - 0.6%.

Value: $1,800,000.00

TDC CONTRACT 1866 – Sealy St Stormwater Diversion sealy-street-stormwater-diversion

Project Description: Installed a 450mm dia PE Pipe at a 1% grade 9m deep 400 metres long. PE and concrete manhole installations & retention swale construction.

Value: $ 375,000.00


TDC CONTRACT 1841 – Talbot & Matai Streets Watermain Upgradetalbot-matai-streets-watermain-upgrade

Project Description: Installed over 1300m of watermain ranging from 63mm – 150mm Dia PE pipe using trenchless and open cut methods. Including fire hydrants, house laterals and various associated fittings.

Value: $ 235,000.00

TDC CONTRACT 1763 – Harper Street Watermain Renewal harper-street-watermain-renewal1

Project Description: Water Main Replacement with PE installed using both open cut and directional drilling methods. Included service connections, associated fittings, valves and ancillary items.

Value: $292,000.00


BUSCOTT STATION – Irrigation Watermain Installation, Omarama buscott-station-watermain-installation

Project Description: Directionally drill 250m through the side of a solid rock hill on grade, at depths of up to 45 metres using DitchWitch All Terrian Directional Drill. Installed a 450 ID PE pipeline.
Value: $1,000,000.00

WHAKATANE COUNCIL – GRADE ROCK SHOT 115M HEAD whakatane-council-grade-rock-shot-r

Project Description: Drilled a pilot hole for a sewer main 115m up a solid rock cliff approx 45% grade using our DitchWitch AT2720 All Terrain Directional Drill.

Value: $85,000.00


CCC CONTRACT – Brighton Beach Road Pumping Main (Grinding) ccc-contract-brighton-beach-road

Project Description: Replaced 900m of earthquake damaged 280mm Asbestos pumping main with 300mm PE pipe.

Value: $190,000.00

CCC CONTRACT – Estuary Road Pumping Main (Grinding) ccc-contract-estuary-road-pumping-main

Project Description: Replaced 1000m of earthquake damaged 250mm Reinforced Precast Concrete pumping main with a 450mm PE pipe

Value: $395,000.00



PUKEURI WORKS – Trade Waste Stages 1 & 2 pukeuri-works

Project Description: Install a 10mx10mx6m deep precast concrete panelled pump chamber. Supply and install 1.1km of 600mm dia concrete pumping main.

Value: $603,472.00

TIMARU REFUSE CENTRE – Redruth Leachate Installation & Maintenance timaru-refuse-centre

Project Description: Installed a 10m high Leachate Pumping chamber and 125mm filtration pump lines. Drainage to the MRF Complex.

Value: $65,000.00


MCCAINS CONTRACT – New PE Watermain, Timaru mccains-contract

Project Description: Installed new PE ring main and associated valving.
Value: $216,142.62

TDC CONTRACT 1555 – Te Moana Water Scheme tdc-contract-1555

Project Description: Replace watermains with 100mm PVC and various sized PE pipes using open cut, trenching and directional underground drilling technology.
Value: $320,000.00


WHITESTONE SUBDIVISION – Mountainview Road, Timaru subdivision

Project Description: 6 Section Site - Install Sewer, Stormwater, Water Telecom and Power. Form roadway and set up for kerb and channel.

WESSMAN & POTTS SUBDIVISIONS – Mountainview Road, Timaru subdivision

Project Description: 10 Section Site - Strip site and cut to levels install sewer, stormwater, water and associated valving, telecom and power. Install kerb and channel and right of way.


TDC CONTRACT – The Terrace Sewer Upgrade, Timaru (Bursting) tdc-contract-the-terrace-sewer-upgrade

Project Description: Pipe burst with PB30 new 180 SDR 17 PE main approx. 55m long. Burst house laterals.
Value: $160,000.00

TDC CONTRACT 2016 – TeWeka St & Evans St Watermain Upgrade tdc-contract-2016

Project Description: Installed approx. 200m of watermain ranging from 63mm – 125mm Dia PE pipe using trenchless and open cut methods. Including fire hydrants, house laterals and various associated fittings. Pipe burst existing cast main under Evans Street.

Value: $20,000.00


PUKEURI WORKS – Fire Rebuild pukeuri-works-fire-rebuild

Project Description: Construction of a new lamb cutting room and staff amenities.

Value: $1,200,000.00

RANGER – Timaru Aquatic Centre ranger-timaru-aquatic-centre

Project Description: Under slab pool plumbing, drainage, front of wall plumbing, temporary amenities and work to existing pool

Value: $700,000.00


PUKEURI WORKS – Asbestos Roof Replacement pukeuri-works-asbestos-roof-replacement

Project Description: Remove existing asbestos roofing and replace with coloursteel. One or two buildings annually.

Value: $500,000.00 (on going)

RANGER – Timaru Aquatic Centre ranger-timaru-aquatic-centre02

Project Description: Wall Cladding, Flashings and Roofing

Value: $55,000.00



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