Horizontal directional drilling & directional boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling featuring Hadlee & Brunton.


We have the most advanced directional drilling equipment

We’re revolutionising directional drilling and boring! Hadlee & Brunton have one of the most advanced pieces of equipment for horizontal directional drilling in the world today, a custom-built 200T Maxirig from Herrenknecht. It is the only European Maxi-rig in New Zealand and can drill over 1 km in length and up to 2 m in diameter. This directional boring beauty is used for large bore and or long distance pipe installations in the utilities sector throughout the country. The technology of this rig far exceeds anything else currently available in New Zealand.

herrenkenecht-sm herrenkenecht2-sm

Herrenknecht is the largest tunneling manufacturer in the world and are behind most of the worlds largest tunneling projects such as the Channel Tunnel between England and France and the “Waterview Connection” under the Auckland harbor. Herrenknecht has been involved in over 2,600 projects worldwide covering all diameters, in all geologies and in every area of application - railway, metro, road, utility, pipelines, hydropower, mining and exploration.    www.herrenknecht.com

Having this international power house behind Hadlee and Brunton has provided them with an invaluable international support team to assist in all aspects of any project from early design right through to completion.

The rig was custom designed and built especially to Hadlee and Brunton’s requirements to best suit the New Zealand environment.

H+B HK175CK Screen Res 005 - 5027

The maxirig has 70,000Nm of torque and 440,000lbs of pullback and thrust!


Quality and Success

The work quality of directional drilling is influenced by multiple factors. For your directional boring or horizontal directional drilling project we recommend careful assessment of potential operators. This includes the history, experience and success of the company; the quality, range and age of their directional drilling/boring fleet; their fluid management systems; pre-planning work and service location; along with the support equipment they have; and finally their level of consultancy support both in terms of initial design and engineering expertise along with the technical support during the project.

Hadlee + Brunton 2010 Ditch Witch Lineup

Pictured: Hadlee & Brunton's Ditchwitch Fleet

Whilst most directional drilling operators specialise in fibre and cable installation, using small or old second-hand machinery, Hadlee & Brunton has spent the past 20 years focusing on advanced, critical grade shots and high risk rock shots. Our directional boring equipment is among the best in the country and our staff are some of the most experienced. Our drills range from one of smallest in the New Zealand to one of the largest.


In the drilling game, cheapest is certainly not the best.
If you decide to cut corners, it will cost you!!

Our back-up equipment including our digger and truck fleet, sheet piling units, PE welding units, vacuum and blasting units in conjunction with a fully qualified staff of craftsmen plumbers, drainlayers and machine operators set our firm apart from the competitors. We operate New Zealand-wide and we will not walk away from the job until it is completed to your satisfaction.


7 reasons why you should use Hadlee & Brunton for your horizonal directional drilling and directional boring projects:

  • Fancy toys: we have no Chinese drill rigs; everything we use is from the States or Western Europe.
  • Fewer interruptions due to breakdowns: our family has an ethos of reinvestment, not unreasonable director salaries! We have no second-hand drill machinery. Everything is bought new. All of our drills are in near new condition and are available for inspection by potential clients at any time.
  • Get the "go to" guys: our drill managers and engineers have been with the company and have specialised in directional boring and horizontal directional drilling for over 17 years. We are the "go to" guys when other operators find themselves out of their depth. A large majority of our work is taking over projects where other drill companies have come in (often cheaper) and have failed. Why take the risk and extra expense?
  • Consistent pace of progress: we do not cut corners on drilling fluid. We use the very best available and always ensure we have the right systems in place for the job.
  • Capability for tough projects: we are not your run-of-the-mill fibre optic type drillers. We have specialised in difficult critical grade installations, solid rock shots and large diameter bores for over 17 years.
  • Wider expertise: we employ approximately 40 staff, including around 12 qualified plumbers and 15 qualified drainlayers who work alongside the drills if required. We have around 100 specialist machines and vehicles which can be called on to assist with our horizontal directional boring projects.
  • 100% committed: we will not walk away from the job! You can talk to any client we have ever drilled for and we can guarantee you will have a positive response.


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