Hadlee and Brunton have been roofing for over 100 years we specialise in:

  • Domestic and Commercial projects
  • Roofing and wall cladding
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Spouting and Flashings
  • Specialist work such as asbestos removal or lead replacement.

Peregrine Winery, Award Winning Roof

As with all aspects of the company Hadlee and Brunton provide quality craftsmanship on roofing projects that few companies possess. We perform work that most contractors wouldn’t attempt to tackle. We still hand craft lead flashings when required and produce high quality products such as soldered copper work which just isn’t found in this day and age.

Fabricating soldered return stop-end to copper spouting

Roofing Works to Sanfords Timaru - Truck Mounted Cherry Pickers

We have several truck mounted cherry pickers the largest of which can reach up to 37 metres in height. These often save the client the expense and hassle of scaffolding.

Some of our larger roofing projects include:

  • Christchurch Law Courts copper work
  • Timaru Aquatic Centre Metal Wall Cladding and Guttering
  • Pukeuri freezing Works Asbestos Replacement, Oamaru
  • Peregrine Winery’s award winning roof, Queenstown
  • Blenheim Freezing Works
  • Coronet Peak Ski Resort, Queenstown
  • Aorangi Stadium, Timaru
  • Sanfords North Mole, Timaru
  • Timaru Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Replaced 8 Tonnes of Lead Work)

Canterbury Law Courts, Christchurch


Timaru Catholic Church

Timaru Aquatic Centre

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